400 kV transmission line project of Urmia power plant – Sahand power plant

The project of power transmission line between Urmia and Sahand power plants was completed and delivered by Peymabargh Co. ordered by Azerbaijan Regional Electricity Company

with the aim of creating stability in the country’s electricity transmission network.

Parts of the 400 kV transmission line project of Urmia Power Plant – Sahand Power Plant with an approximate length of 140 km, which is a large project in terms of project dimensions, in previous years, it had been done by other contractor engineering companies, but the wiring of the entire transmission line, as well as the foundations of part of the route, was largely incomplete, mainly due to opposition issues and the difficulty of the work.

Therefore, Peymabargh Co. participated in the tender of Azerbaijan Regional Electricity Company and followed by concluding two contracts for the wiring project of 400 kV transmission line of Urmia-Sahand power plant and the project of completing the construction of foundations of the Urmia-Sahand power plant’s transmission line in June 2017, first conducted the transmission line wiring project and after a short time and purchasing the foundation equipment, ‌ started the transmission line connection in the remaining route.

Sahand power plant in East Azarbaijan province, 7 kilometers distant from Bonab-Tabriz road near Shourgol village and Urmia power plant in West Azerbaijan province, 30 km far from Urmia-Mahabad road.

Peymabargh Co. actions in Urmia-Sahand power plant transmission line project

  • Purchase and installation of 400 kV T2G60 grid towers
  • Purchase of equipment and 140 km of single-phase wire of three Kerlo bundles wiring with a series of wire guards
  • Preparation of documents related to GIS
  • Purchase and installation of 230 kV DC60 telescopic towers
  • Construction of part of 400 kV foundations

The measures taken were based on the requirements of the project and the installation of telescopic towers was done due to lack of space near Sahand power plant and also the possibility of relocation and reuse of this type of towers advantage.

Regarding the construction of foundations, since part of the transmission line passed through the south of Urmia Lake, the soil of the area was watery and loose and it was not possible to dig deep, so the foundations were an integrated pad with very large dimensions that required concreting.

It also had more rebar, so that in the construction of the foundation of some towers, about 200 cubic meters of concrete was used.

The type of foundation in this part of the route was selected and implemented from the type of paddle grass, while in the rest of the transmission line route, Ogre foundation was used.

In other parts of the route, the transmission line passed through agricultural lands and gardens around the city of Urmia, which solved problems related to landowners and gardens and similar opposition with the cooperation of regional organizations.

project submission

Finally, this project, which was started in June 2017 with the cooperation of Ghods Niroo Company as a consulting company, the foundation was handed over to the employer, the Azerbaijan Regional Electricity Company, in August 2018 and the wiring in October 2018.