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Timely delivery with high quality of construction projects in the infrastructural industry

Peymabargh Company

Lines and substations construction services company (Peymabargh)

More than a quarter of a century of Peymabargh company’s continuous activity (since 1991) is a proof of the great ability and capacities of this contracting company.

In the implementation of EPC development projects in the electrical, telecommunications and construction industries,

which with the help of God and relying on experienced human resources and a treasure of valuable technical and executive records and experiences have been obtained.

Our duty is to deliver on time and with high quality of construction projects in the parent industry and to satisfy the employers and project managers.

In this regard, by revising the corporate governance system and the internal architecture of the organization,

we have been able to update the knowledge and experience sources. Create new and innovative ideas and achieve the highest executive standard.

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Quality policy

Peymabargh company as the designer and executive of the civil projects in electric power and telecommunication industry,

Substation and Transmission Lines Construction Services (Peymabargh) Company, using a process-oriented think and an approach

of reaching sustainable development, has significantly improved efficiency and qualitative level of services, customer satisfaction, environmental performances,

safety, professional sanitation and its customers’ wellbeing, through updating the labor methods and using advanced technologies and efficient tools,

and also applying principles of quality control and observing technical, safety and environmental principles.

To achieve this goal and in order to systematize processes, I have selected the integrated management system with international standards of

ISO 9001;2015, ISO 14001;2015, and OHSAS 18001;2007 as the executive model and I believe that the fulfillment of this purpose requires active engagement

and commitment to try according to the established processes by my colleagues.

Therefore, I disclose the policies of the company and my colleagues and myself are bound to execute these policies effectively.

  • Continues improvement of quality control system
  • Managing company’s resources by keeping, improving and enhancing them
  • Development of the business and increasing the company’s share of local and foreign markets
  • Raising the profit margin of the company by controlling and decreasing operational costs
  • Try to cooperate with credible suppliers and making sure of the quality of supplied goods and services
  • Prevention from environmental pollution and reducing them, and providing environmental-friendly services
  • Creating an integrated system for safe-keeping company’s documents
  • Prevention from injuries and job diseases, by keeping and improving safety and professional health of staff
  • Focusing on the requirements of employers and increasing their satisfaction in all services provided by company

The manager of Peymabargh company believe in aforementioned principles and observe all legal requirements and regulations and other requirements,

and provide the essential resources and facilities for fulfilling them.

The company expects all colleagues to try their best for executing the policy through active engagement and effective execution of the integrated management system.

Moreover, the policy and integrated management system of the company is assessed continuously in terms of efficiency and effectiveness and if necessary

it is revised periodically regarding sufficiency and the correspondence of the system with the activities.


Matin Jannatian

Managing director

Occupational status

  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Management and Accounting
  • Others

Educational status

  • Phd
  • Master’s
  • Bachelor’s
  • Diploma and less

Our values

  • Providing the best quality service possible, in the fastest time
  • Adherence to all legal and customary obligations and pay much attention to the satisfaction of employers
  • Prioritizing employee safety in any situation
  • Help to protect the environment and prevent its degradation
  • Maintaining the human dignity of employees and their families and contribution their abilities’ development
  • Welcoming innovative ideas and making opportunities for creativity
  • Pay attention to the social responsibilities of the organization
  • Producing, saving and utilizing the organizational knowledge and its presenting to the scientific and industrial community