The first power supply tunnel in East Azarbaijan

The first power supply tunnel of East Azarbaijan is approaching the final station

supplying and delivering of more than 90% of the equipment required for the 230 kV energy tunnel to the client (Azarbaijan Regional Electricity Company), the project is getting close to the completion.

The contract for this project was signed in March 2016 between the Azarbaijan Regional Electricity Company as the employer and the Consortium of Alamut Building Engineering Company and the Peymabargh Company as the project contractors.

Genu is responsible for the geological studies of the project, Alamut is the tunnel construction company and Peymabargh is the EPC contractor for the power department, responsible for electrical design, supply of 230V XLPE cable support equipment, structures and equipment installation and also responsible for laying two 230KV cable circuits.

Azarbaijan Power Consulting Company (MONA) also acts as a project consultant.

This project, known as Tabriz Energy Tunnel, is the first power supply tunnel in the province, which is 4.5 km long and is located between the ideally substation and the central substation and is carried out by NATM drilling method.

the key challenges of this project are:

  • Passing the tunnel through the crowded points of Tabriz,
  • pointed out the 100% slope of the road
  • the extreme end of fluctuating equipment prices, and so on.
اولین تونل برق رسانی آذربایجان شرقی

The first power supply tunnel in East Azarbaijan