High Voltage Substations’ projects
High Voltage Substations’ projects

High Voltage Substations’ projects

High Voltage Substations’ projects

Today, there have been extensive changes in the type and consumption of electricity industry subscribers.

On one hand, the consumption of industrial, commercial, agricultural and electrical appliances added to the house has increased many times,

and on the other hand, increasing the number of subscribers with the development of electricity network to villages,

necessitates the need to increase power plant capacity and voltage.

Also, the variety of consumers in the use of different voltages has made the special importance of high voltage substations,

whose main task is to change the voltage.

To achieve this, Peymabargh Co. has implemented and completed the following projects.

 in the field of design, supply of equipment and complete construction of OUTDOOR HV substations up to 400 KV voltage category,

design, supply of equipment and complete construction of MOBIL HV substations up to 230 KV voltage category and design,

supply of equipment and complete construction MODULAR HV substations up to 63 KV voltage range

High Voltage Substation projects

High voltage substations 400-230-63 and 132 kV

Introducing some of the high pressure substation projects of Peymabargh company in the field of design

Supply of equipment and complete construction of substations up to 400 kV voltage range.

Delivery DateDescriptionEmployerRows
1995/11/8Installation of 230 kV substation-Montazer GhaemTehran Regional Electric Company1
1996/2/27Installation of 63 kV substation-HashtgerdTehran Regional Electric Company2
1996/2/27Installation of 63/20 kV substation-Qom power plantTehran Regional Electric Company3
1997/7/13Installation of 63 kV substation-AndishehTehran Regional Electric Company4
1996/8/5Installation of 63/20 kV substation-GheitariehTehran Regional Electric Company5
1996/8/2Installation of 63/20 kV substation feeder-Qom power plantTehran Regional Electric Company6
1998/8/25Installation of 230 kV substation-Resalat (Alghadir)Tehran Regional Electric Company7
1997/12/29Design and construction of modular 63/20 kV substation-DardashtTehran Regional Electric Company8
1996/11/12Installation of 63/20 kV substation-SalafcheganTehran Regional Electric Company9
1997/2/23Installation of 63/20 kV substation-SeyedkhandanTehran Regional Electric Company10
1997/4/16Installation of 63/20 kV substation-ChitzarTehran Regional Electric Company11
1997/4/27Installation of 63/20 kV substation-TajrishTehran Regional Electric Company12
1997/9/25Installation of 63/20 kV substation-ChabaharTehran Regional Electric Company13
1997/7/6Design and Installation of 63/20 kV semi-mobile substation-FashapouyehTehran Regional Electric Company14
1998/2/24Design and Installation of 63/20 kV substation-Montazer GhaemTehran Regional Electric Company15
1997/10/20Installation of 63/20 kV substation-BatterysaziTehran Regional Electric Company16
1998/8/11Design and Installation of 63/20 kV substation-Absard DamavandTehran Regional Electric Company17
1998/3/8Design and Installation of 63/20 kV substation-Sayar TaleghanTehran Regional Electric Company18
1998/4/19Installation of 63/20 kV substation-LaljinBakhtar Regional Electric Company19
1998-03-03Installation of 63/20 kV substation-SaadabadTehran Regional Electric Company20
1999-02-17Installation of 63/20 kV substation-MortazaviTehran Regional Electric Company21
1999-01-02Installation of 63/20 kV substation-SadeghiehTehran Regional Electric Company22
1999-02-23Installation of substation-ShooshTehran Regional Electric Company23
1999-11-23Installation of 63/20 kV substation-ZafarTehran Regional Electric Company24
1999-01-12Installation of 63/20 kV substation-Saveh 2Bakhtar Regional Electric Company25
2000-02-18Installation of 63/20 kV substation-KurdistanTehran Regional Electric Company26
2000-05-29Installation and development of 230 kV substation-JalalTehran Regional Electric Company27
1999-07-04Installation of 63/20 kV substation-KianmehrTehran Regional Electric Company28
2000-12-14Installation of 63/20 kV substation-Shazand ArakBakhtar Regional Electric Company29
2001-04-19Installation of 400 kV substation-HamedanBakhtar Regional Electric Company30
2001-04-19Installation of 132/20 kV substation-JenahHormozgan Regional Electric Company31
2001-12-05Installation of 230 kV substation-East Bandar AbbasHormozgan Regional Electric Company32
2001-03-13Installation of 63/20 kV substation-Yazd UniversityYazd Regional Electric Company33
2001-10-21Installation of 230 kV substation-Azimieh KarajTehran Regional Electric Company34
2001-11-22Development of 230 kV substation-KhooyAzerbaijan Regional Electric Company35
2002-01-16Installation of 132/20 kV substation-Roshtkhar KheirabadKhorasan Regional Electric Company36
2002-01-17Installation of 132/20 kV substation-Golshahr-GolbaharKhorasan Regional Electric Company37
2001-10-05Installation of 63/20 kV substation-AradanSemnan Regional Electric Company38
2002-08-25Equipment supply design and installation of 132 kV Azar substation in Urmia MiandoabAzerbaijan Regional Electric Company39
2002-02-20Equipment supply design and installation of 132 kV substation-HaratYazd Regional Electric Company40
2001-04-04Installation of 400 kV substation-Hamedan Power PlantBakhtar Regional Electric Company41
2002-11-11Equipment supply design and installation of 63 kV substation-TulaQeshm Regional Electric Company42
2002-12-11Equipment supply design and installation of 230/63 kV substation-SavehBakhtar Regional Electric Company43
2003-07-11Equipment supply design and installation of 63 kV substation-AznaBakhtar Regional Electric Company44
2003-08-28Installation of 230 kV substation-PardisTehran Regional Electric Company45
2004-03-10Design, equipment purchase and construction of 63/230 substation-NahavandBakhtar Regional Electric Company46
2004-03-10Equipment supply design and installation of 63 kV substation-FarahanBakhtar Regional Electric Company47
2003-08-16Installation of 230 kV substation-IlamWest Regional Electric Company48
2004-03-20Installation of 63/2- kV substation-SahneWest Regional Electric Company49
2004-01-16Installation of 230 kV substation-SanandajWest Regional Electric Company50
2005-03-18Equipment supply design and installation of 63/230 kV substation-Hamedan power plantBakhtar Regional Electric Company51
2007-07-11Equipment supply design and installation of 230 kV mobile substation-SaidabadTehran Regional Electric Company52
2010-10-25Design, equipment purchase and construction of 63/132 kV substation-KhangiranNational Iranian Gas Company53
Design, equipment supply and complete development of 132/20 kV substation-Zarrine RoodAzerbaijan Regional Electric Company54
Design, equipment supply and installation of two132/20  mobile substations-Tabriz and suburbAzerbaijan Regional Electric Company55