Optical Fiber Network Projects

Optical Fiber Network Projects

Optical Fiber Network Projects

Optical Fabric networks

Introduction to some of the optical power network projects of Peymabargh Co.

As you know the optical fiber network is one of the best and quickest ways of data transportation.

The unique property of optical fiber is its high bandwidth

One of the best methods of data transmission today, which has replaced copper cables and supports a wider range than other methods,

is the use of fiber optics in telecommunication projects.

Optical fiber properties include:

Data transfer speed, ease of installation and service, and ultimately its high accuracy. Peymabargh Engineering Company,

in order to develop its executive operations and use modern technologies, has implemented several projects in the field of

design and implementation of fiber optic network, some of which are as follows:

Delivery Date Project Description Employer Rows
2001/8/27 Optical fiber wiring 230 Tehran-Qom-Kashan Tehran Regional Electricity Company 1
2002/8/4 Optical fiber wiring of hot line 230 Mosalla – Tavanir-Ati Saz Tehran Regional Electricity Company 2
2003/2/4 Optical fiber wiring of 400 Karun hot line 3- Abbaspour Isfahan Regional Electricity Company 3
2004/3/8 Optical fiber wiring of hot line 230 Tehran – Garmsar-Semnan Tehran Regional Electricity Company 4
2004/3/10 Optical fiber wiring on the 230 kV hot line in Hormozgan Hormozgan Regional Electricity Company 5
2005/8/10 Optical fiber wiring of 400 kV hot line Tabriz – Sardrood Azerbaijan Regional Electricity Company 6
2005/2/3 Optical Fiber wiring of 230 kV hot line Hamedan – Sanandaj West Regional Electricity Company 7
2005/5/16 Optical fiber wiring of 132 kV Yazd-Bafgh hotline Yazd Regional Electricity Company 8
2005/6/20 Optical fiber wiring of hot line 230 Soormagh – Marvdasht Fars Regional Electricity Company 9
2007/7/23 Optical fiber wiring of lighting bases in Tehran province Tehran Regional Electricity Company 10
2010/3/20 Optical fiber wiring of Khuzestan 400-230-230 hotline Khuzestan Regional Electricity Company 11
2014/2/27 Ground optical fiber cabling of passive network of Tehran Tehran Regional Electricity Company 12
2012/7/22 Design, purchase of equipment and construction of Irancell optical fiber network Irancell 13